Chad Martini

“Chad worked long and hard to sell our property. For such a very long time, Chad remained habitually insightful, optimistic and always available to discuss the issues and to help in the resolution of what had become way to many problems. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and candor when i first spoke to him, and remain so after process of selling my building. Unlike the propensity of many agents of dubious character to proffer glib predictions devoid of pragmatic analysis, Chad consistently proved himself to Tim and I that hard work, tenacity, honesty and ingenuity are the attributes required to successfully resolve a complex problem. Many thanks for a job well done.” - Bruce Thurston

Chad Martini

Chad Martini

Senior Investment Advisor

Chad Martini grew up in the world of real estate investing and was exposed to many facets of the brokerage industry at an early age. His family has successfully been involved in the competitive Bay Area real estate market for the past fifty years.

After graduating from Gonzaga University, Chad decided to begin his career in apartment brokerage in the Seattle area where he could see the rapidly growing local market presented excellent opportunities for investors.

Chad always works to meet his client's investment and long-term financial goals, while maximizing profit at every step of the process. Developing strong, ongoing partnerships with his clients is especially important to him.

His strong family ties to the business have given him an edge when it comes to understanding market trends and serving clients to the best of his ability. Chad specializes in apartment sales in and around the Puget Sound region.In his free time, Chad enjoys working to better the community he lives in, which is one of the many things he learned while working to achieve his Eagle Scout status.

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